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Central to creating a safe and healthy culture of success, is supporting and developing the leaders within that culture. When a leader chooses to do their own inner work before expecting it from others, it moves that leader into a position of accountability, responsibility, and genuine authority.

Going First proposes that the choice to lead is the choice to “go first”. That you may not see a desired behaviour from others before you choose to model it. That to nurture a company culture from values, you must be willing to pause and dig deeper in order to Go First on the desired behaviours linked to those values.

Inherent in this philosophy is the understanding that Going First is not easy. It can naturally stir up feelings of vulnerability and risk taking for leaders. Going First acknowledges the effort and courage it takes to pause and be honest with ourselves about our own reactivity.


But Going First is not about going alone. Going First is about normalising the choice to seek support, training, and community in your leadership journey. Central to Going First is a safe space for learning (versus a pressure to always get things right). The philosophy celebrates debriefing key insights from discomfort or perceived “failures”.

Going First is about supporting and challenging leaders away from conversation moves such as criticism, assumptions, and blame-shame narratives. Moves that are common in moments of frustration but moves that can damage relationships and self-confidence.

Going First supports leaders to develop emotional intelligence. To cultivate relationships and influence, not from force, but through genuine alignment of language and behaviour with core values.


A leader’s potential to Go First is naturally influenced by their past experiences, family history and current relationship dynamics. Including these contexts self-acceptance and understanding. It’s not about assigning blame elsewhere or excusing unwanted behaviour. The aim is to support a leader to integrate the Going First principles from personal truth, clarity, and sometimes healing.

For some, the words “Going First” conjure images of bold, overt action. In the Going First philosophy, however, a bold first move may be very subtle. To listen. To pause before responding. To reflect on what’s important, not just what’s happening. To collaborate. To ask questions. To raise others up. To ask for help. To be compassionately curious about our own triggers, and tendencies.

The Going First program supports leaders to step into the Going First philosophy for themselves with confidence and integrity.

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