“Being who you are is simple, fun and gives energy.
Being who you think you should be is complicated and exhausting.”

About Angie

Angie Ford is a high-performance coach driven by a love of working with people. Her client list includes world no.1 athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs of the year, national best selling real estate agents, actors and performing artists.

Angie is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® via the Coaches Training Institute. Her fascination with mindset training and performance originates from her own sporting background as a national gold medal swimmer.

Angie understands what it takes to expand comfort zones. She loves working with leaders, individuals and teams who believe in growth and learning. Angie is passionate about the process of self-belief, and how this naturally leads to action, genuine enjoyment and performance results.

Angie’s honest and playful methods have attracted audiences from the USA, UK, Australia and Scandinavia. She has mastered the art of bringing out in others what it takes to achieve best performance under pressure, and consistently over time.

Her ability to listen and support while challenging clients to explore their own self-beliefs, make her a sought after coach and speaker.


What clients say


Angie Ford changes lives.


Kim Rune Hansen
World #1 Snowboarder

You completely changed my mindset. Your coaching helped me win the Danish championships in high jump. Now, 3 years later, I have also graduated as the outstanding management students with the best results in history of the university. You ignited this spark in me.


Frederik Jahr
National Champion High Jumper

The sales team has delivered this year’s best results in a quarter with dramatically fewer sales representatives. A huge thank you to you – you have opened our eyes to the possibilities in individual performance and capacity and put “new life” into each department.


Erik Thorhallsson
CEO Neopost Norge AS

I have worked with Angie as a mindset coach on a number of occasions. Angie is incredibly engaged and knowledgable. Her passion for our work always left me looking forward to our next session. Thanks to Angie, I now have useful techniques and the right focus so my career is where I want it to be.


Freddy Kjensmo
Comedian and Author

Angiiieeee! I won nationals today! Couldn’t have done it without you.


Maira Rode
U25 National Dressage Champion

Angie is a direct coach. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and get to the core. She helps me maintain perspective and make choices which make my dreams possible.


Kari Lingsom

The first thing that struck me was how Angie gave me 100% of her time and focus. She is a great listener and believer in human potential.


Morten Åsli
Hercules pilot, colleague & author

I used Angie last year to reach my goal of becoming Norway’s best selling real estate agent. Thank you Angie!


Peter Krantz
CEO Karland Partners

Angie caught the audience from the start with her authenticity and powerful storytelling.


Paal Kartsensen
Head of Equities, Det Norske Bank

I’m so glad to have a new perspective, I can use this the rest of my life.


Camilla Gjersem
3-time Norwegian National Iceskating Champion

I crossed the finish line recently, and discovered water was in my riding goggles. They were tears of joy as I had not only won, but was reconnected to my passion and joy for riding. This has been missing for a long time.


Espen Ski
6-time National Champion Jockey, Norway

There was no fear in my mind as I walked onto the stage to present in front of 800 people at the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. I noticed instead, a healthy excitement. I haven’t felt this grounded in 7 years.


Morten Leikvoll
CEO Head Energy

Angie’s constructive, insightful questions have the ability to make me focus on what matters and disregard the noise.


Mona Irene Larsen
Partner, KPMG

You really are my secret weapon Ang. A year ago I would have pretended to be calm, the difference now is that I am calm. All the work I have experienced before working with you was about the technical band aids – short term solutions. Your work is the purest, in terms of long term results, that I have ever experienced.


Michael Sheasby

I think about you often Angie. I kept using what you taught me that day about my values. It has meant a lot to many people that I did that for them. It made them trust me somehow. No leader has ever scored so high on an employee survey in our company – thank you!


Kristin Arnkvaern
Service Manager, Flytoget

You have a special gift, and I recognised this in you before we started. My instincts are true, I am finally coming home. Thank you Angie.


Filip Tejszerski
Founder, Filski Design

Thank you for changing my life Angie. Truth. My biggest value. Thanks for helping me see that connection. Game changer.

Emily Gruhl

I cannot overstate how much Angie Ford has had an impact on me both personally and professionally. Through her coaching I have been able to find clarity around my purpose, the WHY that wakes me up in the morning and drive me throughout the day. I have ticked off huge goals that I’ve had written on my bedroom wall for more than 4 years, all while focussing on the simple day-to-day actions. Angie is a true Thought-Leader, she inspires and demonstrates the very tools she’s teaching through her own life and behaviour. Angie has changed my life and I’m all the richer for having known her.


Alastair Osment


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